Public workshops are scheduled periodically and will be announced on this page. To request a private session at for your group, or to arrange a public workshop at your location, please contact us.

How to Live with Your Adopted Dog

No dates currently scheduled

All current and future dog families are welcome. No dogs please!

You will get practical advice on building a successful relationship with your adopted dog and learn how to address common issues. There will be time to answer individual questions regarding your dog, and a handout will be included for you to take home.

Living in a Multi-Pet Household

No dates currently scheduled

Many of us have multiple dogs, one dog and cat, or more. Living in a multi-pet household can be a happy experience worth all the extra effort. But it’s not always like that. None of us want our cat to hide or our dogs to fight. We may choose the wrong pet to live with our resident animal(s), rush their introductions, or have pets that clearly don’t get along. And while some pet combinations are planned; others just happen. Your son brings his dog home from college, or you are combining households with your new spouse. This workshop is about ways to prevent problems from developing and deal with problems that already exist, so that you and your pets can all live together in harmony.