Nefertiti arrived at the shelter with her four four-week old kittens on an early October day. The next day they came home with me for foster care until the kittens were large enough to be adopted. Eventually, the kittens were adopted out, but, in late November, Nefertiti came home to stay.

Since then, she had brought joy and smiles into my life nearly every day.

cat sitting in an empty electronics box
She loves sitting in boxes,
cat sitting in an empty produce box
and boxes,
and boxes (really big boxes!).
and really big boxes,
cat sitting in a box
and even more boxes.
cat sitting in a box with groceries
(Even when other things are already there.)
cat sitting on book titled cat sense
And find other creative places to sit.
cat playing with food toy
She loves to play with toys.
dog and cat sitting on a rug
She makes friends easily.

I am glad to have her in my life every day. (Enjoy a bonus ninth photo!)

cat sitting on person's shoulders

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