dogThis post is almost two weeks late for one simple reason: I didn’t want to write it.

By writing this post, I am acknowledging that I have lost a friend. A young dog who only a short time ago seemed so healthy, is gone.

I don’t want to dwell on the negatives, instead, I am trying to remember the good times we had walking, visiting, and watching her play with Sirius Black.

And I think that is the right approach. Loss is something we live with in life, especially when we share our lives with pets, who are typically shorter-lived than we are. Of course, the sense of tragedy is increased when one dies so young.

But there is nothing to regret in a well-lived life. And there is nothing to be sorry for when we know we have done everything we can for the animals in our lives.

So, I propose a toast for my late friend, “It was a privilege to know you. I will always remember the good times.”

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