fireworkI love fireworks and thunderstorms. I feel almost guilty admitting this, when these loud noises are so terrifying for so many dogs, including Sirius Black. However, at moments like this, it seems especially important to admit the truth.

This is Fourth of July weekend, and I will probably attend at least two fireworks shows this weekend. In fact, a lot of my planning around Fourth of July usually goes into deciding when and where to attend fireworks. And, since this is the mid-Atlantic in summer, I have been told to expect thunderstorms several days this weekend. That will make it an even tougher weekend for Sirius, who is already on edge after several bad storms this past week.

It’s always important to practice good fireworks safety, but it’s especially important to look out for the safety of our pets during this holiday. Every year, many dogs and cats are reported missing over this weekend, since even pets that normally don’t react to noises may be spooked by fireworks.

Always be sure that your pets are in a safe indoor location when fireworks are expected. If you pets normally stay outdoors, or if you care for barn cats, this weekend is a good time to make an exception. And remember to take this precaution not only the night of any officially scheduled displays, but also other nights this weekend when your friends and neighbors may be setting on fireworks or sparklers. I expect this to be especially frequent this year, with many people having a three-day weekend.

As an added precaution, make sure that all pets are wearing collars with tags and that the contact information is up-to-date. Even if your pets have microchips, collars are valuable in helping them be returned home quickly and safely. And, no matter how much you enjoy fireworks displays, leave your pets at home rather than bringing them with you. They’ll thank you.

Happy Fourth!

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