dog playing in the leaves and looking at the camera
Sirius enjoying the leaves

Fall is one of my favorite times of year, and one of Sirius Black’s as well. This is not a coincidence. The weather at this time of year is perfect for us, not too hot and not to cold, like Baby Bear’s porridge, and, like Goldilocks, we like to take advantage of it, usually by hiking.

We try to go hiking year round, but our best hikes are usually in the spring and fall. This fall has been perfect. A few weeks ago, we spent a day on a glorious 8-mile hike with beautiful views and great leaves.

I know long hikes are not for every person, or every dog, but this is there is something Sirius and I get out of these hikes that everyone should be looking to find a way to get with their dog: a chance for Sirius to be a dog and to be completely comfortable in the world he’s living in.

Sirius is a rescue dog who spent (or possibly mispent) his youth in West Virginia. When he came to live with us, he was already over a year old. Unlike some dogs from this background, he has adjusted well to living a mainly indoor life in a more urban environment. However, he can never be as relaxed during a neighborhood walk, with people, cars, and dogs passing constantly as he can be on a quiet wooded hike away from everything.

So, that’s what I give him during these hikes: a chance to be himself in a world he understands. And it gives both of us the energy to go back to our “real” lives with a little more spring in our steps.

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