Overgrown garden
My garden needs help.

Over the past few weeks, the weather has been rocketing between warm (60s and 70s with SUN) and threats of snow. I always feel pulled in a bunch of directions with this type of weather, because I am afraid the beautiful weather will disappear again, and I want to do all the nice weather things.

What are all the nice weather things? Well, I definitely want to get some extra-long walks in with Sirius, but I also want to clean up my garden, since I never did get around to that in the fall. (And then there is all the cleaning that is more enjoyable with the windows open, and… the list goes on.) Every time a warm day passes without my having succeeded in doing all the nice weather things, I feel guilty for missing this opportunity. Do you ever have those same feelings?

Well, today I am giving us (both you and me) permission to stop feeling guilty. If you want to spend this beautiful weather taking extra-long walks with your dog, I say you should do so. However, if you feel the need to take care of your yard, or some other important family issue, is more urgent, you should do so without feeling guilt. Look for some other way to find the exercise for your dog. Or look at it as an investment in the next nice day: if you get those tasks out of the way, you’ll have time for that long walk the next time the weather gets warm.

Whatever you decide, take a deep breath and enjoy the sunshine, guilt free. You deserve it!

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