New Pet programs include pre- and post-pet arrival visit options as well as specialized packages. Pre-arrival visits focus on establishing a clear understanding of what to expect from a new pet and preparing your home for the new pet’s arrival. If your new pet has not been selected, this visit can also include a discussion of criteria for selecting your new pet and/or visits to a breeder, shelter or foster. Post-arrival visits are intended for the first two months after a new animal arrives in the home and focus on issues related to adjustment to the new home, rather than training concerns.


Service Fees
Initial session (up to 90 min) – if manners training only, initial session is not required $110
A-la-carte training sessions (up to 60 min) $85
3 1-hour sessions (prepaid) $240
6 1-hour sessions (prepaid) $460

Listed costs do not include discounts, travel fees, or extra time fees. Specialized packages are also available with custom pricing.

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