This week we’ve been celebrating a couple of important anniversaries around out house.

dog with red leash and collar lying on grass
Gandalf relaxing during a walk

First, the six month anniversary of Gandalf’s adoption. As you may know, Gandalf’s adoption was a bittersweet experience. While we were already in love by the time we had hoisted him into the car (no jumping for that boy if he can get someone to lift him up or give him what he wants), we had always envisioned bringing a greyhound home to be a companion to Sirius Black. Bringing our first one home after Sirius was gone was a reminder not only of that loss, but also of the various factors that had prevented us from adopting a greyhound earlier. Despite this less than optimal beginning, Gandalf has brought us so much happiness. His goofy behavior and affectionate personality are beyond endearing. Watching him discover, sometimes excitedly and sometimes skeptically, life beyond the track, has been extremely rewarding.

Cat sitting in a shallow box looking at camera
Nefertiti testing a box

Second, or perhaps it should have been first, on October 3, I am celebrating the ten year anniversary of the day I first brought Nefertiti home. I have written before about her adoption, which happened in late November, but the date she came home with her kittens was in October. Similarly to Gandalf, she became a permanent part of my family immediately following the death of another beloved pet: my cat George Rex. Also similarly, she has kept me laughing for many years. Recently diagnosed with a heart murmur, she has refused to let it slow her down. She still sits in or on every box and explores every pile of laundry. As I (try to) type this, she is sitting on my hands, almost blocking the keyboard.

I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have had to share my life with so many wonderful pets. Each one has taught me something, and I look forward to many more lessons as the years go on.

cat lying on a dog bed while a dog sits on other half
Learning to share?

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