Private and semi-private sessions have the potential to incorporate a number of different aspects of training.

One-on-one sessions focus on a topic (or topics) of your choice in the area of basic training or problem behaviors. Depending on the exact issue to be addressed, multiple sessions may be needed. A series of sessions can also be purchased to approximate a basic manners class curriculum for animals that are not good candidates for group classes or where owners’ schedules do not permit attendance at group classes.


  • Initial session for new dogs (typically 90 to 120 min), $110
  • Follow-up sessions (typically 60 min), $80

Listed costs do not include discounts, travel fees, or extra time fees. Fees are based on a single pet.

Semi-Private training allows you to coordinate your training with a friend or family member. Sessions can focus on a specific area of concern or approximate a basic manners class curriculum. Appropriate space is required for multi-pet sessions. Contact us for pricing.

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