white dog in a car with a hand petting his chest
Coming home! This was literally taken in the car on the way home.

We got our new dog!

We adopted Gandalf on Saturday after meeting several dogs available from rescue group (Greyt Expectations). We selected Gandalf, at that time named Las Vegas Express, for his age (2 years on March 29) and apparently easy-going nature. Despite having just arrived from the track, he was social and interested in everything that was going on. Overall, we had a wonderful opportunity to meet a number of dogs, get great greyhound advice, and pick up some supplies, including a new dog bed that Nefertiti immediately claimed as her own. And in the end, we came home with our new dog, which was what we really wanted.

Something I expected but did not get: A dog that didn’t eat for a few days, due to the anxiety of transition. He ate treats at the rescue, on the car ride home, in the house, and would happily eat any and all food he was offered more or less immediately.

Something I expected and got: Very little sleep Saturday night. He paced. He whined. He wanted me to pet him. He wanted his muzzle off but the door open (not an option, because it would open up the possibility of Nefertiti wandering into the room). He wanted to go out. Three times.

white dog lying on rug chewing on orange stuffed toy
Gandalf discovers some toys have squeakers!

Something I completely failed to expect: Problems with the crate floor surface. We are using a greyhound-sized crate that we already owned. We had used it on and off for Sirius Black over the years and most recently for our roommate’s puppy. Neither of those dogs had any issues with it, but poor Gandalf immediately went sliding upon entering. The floor of the crate was too slippery! I was able to use duct tape to create some floor grip, which helped a bit, although adding a crate pad helped even more.

Watching him blossom over the last few days has been amazing. Some things have gotten steadily better, like his confidence in the house. Some have gotten better, but not in a good way, like when he discovered where the food is stored. Others are just amazing, like watching him discover toys for the first time.

I look forward to sharing much more about him over time. I am sure this transition will be full of many surprises, as they all are, no matter how much you think you’ve prepared.

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