Written March 29, 2017.

Dog collar, shell, and framed photo of man and dog
Some reminders of Sirius. Photo was taken on our honeymoon. Shell is from our last trip to Charlston, SC.

As many of you know, we lost Sirius Black to illness back in February. Every loss is unique, and this one continues to hit us hard. When I am not concentrating, I still find myself glancing around the room, looking or listening for what Sirius is up to, and it’s a new blow every time I don’t see him and everything hits me again.

That being said, we are a dog household, and, within the Sirius-shaped hole in our lives, is a dog shaped hole. Therefore, we decided to move forward with a process we had been exploring for some time, and we are hoping to bring home our new retired racing greyhound this weekend.

pink dragon toy and white rope toy
Just a couple of dog toys, ready and waiting!

At this point, we don’t know the age, sex, or size if the dog we will be adopting. Nor do we know whether the dog has been in foster or will be coming directly from a track environment. This means there will be more preparation to do after we have the dog at home. However, we have been prepping the house already. I prefer to replace dog beds for new dogs, so I have been looking for good beds. I still have dog bowls, but I have been refreshing the supply of treats, and getting new toys as well. We may get food from the rescue, but I bought some just in case.

Probably the biggest change is preparing to go from a household with a dog who had no interest in chewing to one with a dog who is an unknown quantity. I have been cleaning, reorganizing, moving things, and preparing to do more once we get our dog home. We have also implemented new rules about locking the front door, which doesn’t always latch securely. An open front door would be an unacceptable risk with a new greyhound in the house.

Stay tuned for updates and more preparations!

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