Dog lying down on carpet with TV showing video game in the background.
Working on relaxed down while I play with the Wii. Your living room can be neater than mine.

Relaxed down is one of my favorite activities, but it’s true utility comes from incorporating it into everyday life. One way to do so is to help your dog remain calm and relaxed while you are moving around. Many times our dogs feel compelled to follow us—and we often encourage this—but it’s not always convenient. Sometimes, we want our dogs to be able to stay still, and even relax, while we move around.

Take the opportunity while you are doing something active but not all-absorbing to work with your dog on maintaining a relaxed down position.

The photo at right was taken while I was playing Wii bowling. I had treats in my pockets and was rewarding Sirius Black occasionally for maintaining his position. This could be taken to the next level by looking for a more relaxed position from Sirius.

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