Light covering of snow on dead grasses and driveway
It’s picked up a little bit since this was taken. Now we have actual light snow cover.

I don’t know what weather you’re having today, but it’s snowing here Even worse, it’s actually pretty cold. Cold enough that neither Sirius Black nor I want to spend a lot of time outside. However, that doesn’t mean that Sirius doesn’t have a normal amount of energy, so how are we going to help him burn that off?

One of the strategies we are using is food toys. I have written before about using food toys for both dogs and cats. In addition to buying toys, you can also make them out of household objects. What makes a good toy for your pet will depend on their chewing habits and likelihood to ingest items like paper. Today, I gave Sirius his breakfast in a half an egg carton, which he pushed around the floor until he had emptied all the kibble out.

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