Happy Independence Day! I hope this long weekend is spectacular—for you and your pets.

two fireworks
A particularly booming double firework

Of course it will be, I can almost hear you thinking, friends, families, barbecues, fireworks… What else could we want?

Of course, I agree that all these things are fantastic, but do your pets?

As I have mentioned before, Fourth of July can be one of the most dangerous holidays for pets. Many pets get spooked by the sound of fireworks and end up getting lost. Any home firecrackers or sparklers can also pose a threat to any pets that are around while they are being used. And, of course, having guests in your home that are not used to being around your pet may result in things such as poisonous foods left at pet-level, open doors, and so on.

So, make sure your Independence Day stays wonderful by following a few simple guidelines:

  1. If you’re having people over, consider preparing a quiet, safe area for your pet out of the flow of traffic. This is especially important as people are coming and going or when food is out.
  2. Make sure all pets are in a secure indoor location at all times. Official fireworks shows may be scheduled, but unofficial or unsanctioned fireworks use, or even practice attempts for the official show, may happen significantly before or after this time.
  3. Make sure all pets are wearing a collar and tags. This is the best way to facilitate a fast reunion should your pet get loose. The tag should have current contact information. Cats should always where safety collars, never dog collars.
  4. Microchip your pets. If your animal loses his or her collar, a microchip will be your back-up method for getting them back home quickly and safely. If your pets are microchipped yet, it may be too late to get it done for this year, but if your pet is chipped and you have not kept the online information updated, you still have plenty of time to log onto the chip maker’s website and do so.

Have a great holiday, everyone!

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